Pre-sales service

Pre-sales service

1. Confirm the working condtion, such as capacity, pressure and application.
2. Recommed a suitable pump solution.

Y&L Pump

Founded in 2002, Shanghai Y&L Pump Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of water pump, such as centrifugal pump, diaphragm pump, sewage 

pump, self priming pump, fire pump, flood pump, irrigation pump, booster pump, chemical pump, oil pump, ballast pump, diesel engine water pump set, electric water pump and diesel generator set, which are widely used in wastewater discharge of factories, businesses serious pollution area and hospital, drainage station, irrigation system, firefighting system, printing and dyeing, equipment cooling, food industry, environmental protection, chemical industry, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper, power plants, sewage discharge, kerosene processing industry, steel industry, shipbuilding industry, ceramic industry, leather industry, as well as the city sewage treatment plant drainage system, municipal engineering, construction and other industries.

  • 5000square

    meters of the total area

  • production 800

    Machine / month

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After-sales service

1. A set of product manual will be provided.
2. The pump is guaranteed for 12 month and spare parts is for 3 month.

Common Problem and Solution

When use the pump, there must be some problem. Here are some common problem and appropriate solution for......

Common Problem and Solution

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More suitable, More Better

  • 12 Set Ballast Pump With 4 Wheels Trailer In Indonesia

    12 Set Ballast Pump With 4 Wheels Trailer In Indonesia

    We had an order with client from Indonesia about 12 sets of ballast pump with the flow of 426m3/h and the suction head of 8.5m. In addition, they need diesel engine and trailer for easy movement. Here are the pictures of pumps.

  • Fire Fighting Pump For Arm Use

    Fire Fighting Pump For Arm Use

    We had an order with an army about 2 sets of fire fighting pump with Cummins brand diesel engine on May 19th, 2015. Because these pump were used in explosion proof isolation zone, our control panel should meet explosion-proof class.

  • 100 Set Double Suction Pump In Thailand

    100 Set Double Suction Pump In Thailand

    In February 2012, we got an inquiry from Thailand Government which needed a 12 inch pump with the flow of 1250m3/h and the head of 11m, with vacuum assisted device.

  • 10 Set Flood Pump In Thailand

    10 Set Flood Pump In Thailand

    On October 8th, 2011, Our company received a call from SLTINTER TRADE(1998)Co., LTD in Thailand, and they told us that they needed 10 inch high volume self priming dewatering pumps with diesel engine urgently because of local flood disaster.



Cooperation based on understanding



As one of Chinese pump suppliers, we contribute to give you a suitable pump solution

  • 2017-06

    Meeting Exchange

    February 18, 2017, Shanghai Yili Pump Co., Ltd. organized the first meeting after the Spring Festival, the main content of a personal summary, the second is the personal work plan after the Spring Festival, the third is to share personal experience, four is the theme of communication.

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  • 2017-06

    Birthday Party

    February 21, 2017, Shanghai Yili Pump Co., Ltd. went out to dinner, department manager said, we have not eat together for a long time, after get off work together, the beginning we all feel just eat a meal, to get off work Point, we go together to eat stone pot fish, because it is in batches to the destination (the manager is the first to the specific planning of what, with the birthday of the stars we do not love), and so we are all together, It started. Are eating, and some rice is suitable for everyone to eat together, have the feeling.

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